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Vision Estimating Pty Ltd
Estimators and Quantity Surveyors

Vision Estimating is a specialist service providing:

  • Independent
  • Objective
  • Accurate
  • Reliable capital cost assessments usable for investment funding and project control.

How can we help you?

Our service is backed by years of experience. With our professional advice we can save you time and money.
We provide:

  • Preparation of elemental cost plans from preliminary drawings
  • Progressive cost planning during design development phase
  • Preparation of Builder’s Bill of Quantities
  • Estimating for tendered or negotiated projects
  • Subcontractor comparisons and analysis for tenders
  • Review of builder’s estimating procedures

When would you need our services?

Any time. We work as

  • independent consultants
  • outsourcing services during periods of your peak demand

Brand New Building or Refurbishments?

We have extensive experience in both. Your project is in good hands with Vision Estimating. Call us now on 0408 403 060 and ask for Graeme.

How do we achieve all this?

Using dedicated software, all our work is streamlined. Others have tried to pick it up and learn it within a day but it takes years to master. This is where we come in ...

  • you talk, we listen, we work
  • we estimate costs
  • we provide detailed cost breakdowns, and as part of our service,
  • we will always keep a back-up copy of your project estimates

Can you afford NOT to use our services?


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